Thursday, December 4, 2008

How To Be Like A Secret Millionaire

The Secret Millionaire is a TV programme where millionaires go undercover into deprived areas, become involved in the community then give cheques to individuals who they feel would benefit, or who have an idea that needs some cash to realise, or just because they are great people they want to help.

The Secret Millionaires are philanthropists and use money to change the world but you have a mountainous resource somewhere too, something you can take out there and share with the world to make a real change.

Think now what your passion or resource might be. It could be a skill that you take for granted but nonetheless would impact greatly on someone's life should you choose to take the time to share it freely.

Giving is a great way to take the focus of attention away from your own troubles. It is extremely therapeutic which makes the concept a win win situation.

A local man with a passion for sport set up a club so that disabled children could play football too and he has now won the support of Sir Paul McCartney. What started as a small idea has now grown and is putting smiles on many youngsters faces.

If you are in business it doesn't take much to offer a part of your services for free to the community. Again, you can make a huge difference and also raise your profile locally. The internet marketing model of giving away free content really works and can easily be mapped over to the 'real world'.

If you're a therapist there are local clubs or meeting places that would gladly let you give a talk and some free treatments.

If you do printing and copying how about approaching a local charity and offering to print a run of fliers for free?

If you're upgrading your computer think about donating your old one to a worthy cause. My husband helps out in a day care centre and was giving a resident a reflexology treatment. The man had had a stroke a while back and was unable to speak or barely move and was looking very sad so my husband wheeled him over to the computer and gently laid one of his hands on the keyboard and the man slowly typed “Thank you Tim, this is the first time I have felt human in ages”.

Take some time today to think what you could give that would make a change to you and your community too.

And by all means leave a comment if you have some suggestions or if this is something you are already doing.


  1. It is a great idea, what seems like a small thing to us can make such a huge difference to someone.

    18 months ago I realy needed the encouragent of a coachng program, but couldn't afford it. Marion Ryan graciously gifted it to me.

    12 months ago I longed to do Intstant Teleseminar and found someone who was willing to pay my way in exchange for some keyword research and SEO.

    Their generosity was a real boost.

    I love helping people out when I know it will make a real difference - I get as much out of it as they do. Think about what you can do to help someone out today

  2. Lynne,

    I think it's great that generosity always comes back to you, often in surprising ways.



  3. "The internet marketing model of giving away free content really works"

    I can confirm that. It's 98% of the marketing I do.

    And I sometimes feel like the free parts are an end onto themselves, and not just marketing.

  4. Eolake, it's very satisfying to know that there are many thousands of my MET Chakra Protocol, downloaded free from The AMT, out there in the wild, doing their thing. I often get incredible feedback from people thanking me and there's a demonstration of the protocol on youtube now which is nice :)

  5. What you so magnificent Nicola and the so bright Eolake are thinking it's so great,but that it's not the case with the extra or super rich people.They are talking about events for collecting "charity" funds.That's makes feel themselves so good,because they have the "magnanimity" to give away some change of their billions and trillions of dollars they are taking away from all those people they are pretending to help.If all of them would really help all the people in need,why they don't create a system where anybody would be left aside,where everybody will not need charity in order to live a decent happy life and to feel useful for all the world.More and more I believe that would be possible only when the whole world shall be ruled by a supreme Artificial Intelligence like Helios,melted with the mind of a bionic man like J.C. Denton from "Deus Ex",that will be deprived of any human ambitious and therefore will rule not through imperfect general laws,but will have understanding for each individual.I hope so much that those times are near. With sympathy and admiration,yours Paul Alexandru Cazacliu