Monday, March 30, 2009

Birthday Reflections

Sitting here wondering if too much fuss made on your birthday when you're young makes you feel miserable as you get older when less attention is paid to you. Or is it just that each year highlights how old you are getting which adds to the misery?

Either way I used to look forward to them and now I don't. I hate myself on that day, for feeling so sad. I really don't think any amount of attention would change that, in fact the more fuss made the worse I might feel. Though don't quote me on that and ignore it at your peril. I'm not grown up enough yet not to hold grudges...

As it turns out just looking at these thoughts today has turned it all around and for the first time I feel fairly philosophical about the whole thing.

I don't feel any pressure to feel happy today and yet I do.

That's quite neat :)

Happy Birthday me and well done for no tears today. A step closer to being a real grown up?


  1. Interesting. I enjoyed reading your post.

  2. hi Nicole!
    don't think too much...
    only always be happy..

  3. I know the feeling. One just doesn't get any younger. More reason to forget about it and PAAAARTEEEEE!

  4. Hey Nicola,
    I simply adore your way of writing this article. There is never a dull moment while going through your post

  5. Birthdays can be trying times for people. I tend to try to view mine in the positive as I get older.

    Another year and I am still alive! Time is so fleeting in this world, its good to mark that you have survived yet another year, and it makes me feel happy.