Monday, April 28, 2008

Man Has Operation On Hand Without Anaesthetic

I read a local news story recently about a man, Alex Lenkei of Worthing, undergoing an operation on his hand without an anaesthetic. The 80 minute procedure involved removing some bone and fusing some joints together and all carried out under self-induced hypnosis which the patient took about 30 seconds to induce. Granted the man is an experienced hypnotist but I have seen the exact same thing, orthopaedic operations carried out on conscious patients, conducted by Dr. Escudero of Valencia, Spain.

It is his extraordinary technique, called Noesitherapy, which makes this possible and it has fascinated me for years. I used it successfully to have a minor operation carried out on a very delicate part of my anatomy, assisted by Martin Dawes, who taught me the technique originally.

So amazed am I at its efficacy, and its many applications in daily life, that I have included the technique in a book I have just written on Alternative Pain Relief.

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