Friday, July 11, 2008

Hot flushes/flashes, coffee and chocolate

There is a definite correlation between hot flushes, coffee and chocolate.

I hate being cold and it was over 6 months before I connected the wonderful warm surges I was getting periodically with the fact that this must be the onset of the menopause. Duh...

I don't get them routinely any more but when I'm feeling a bit chilly and want to warm up quickly I grab a fresh coffee and a piece of chocolate and hey presto, nice warm feeling.

The kick back is I get a bit of a restless sleep that night which again confirms the connection between the surges of energy and being wakened every 2 hours for years.

I used to spend time telling my body to stop it, there are no more eggs, stop trying to ovulate, which I'm not sure did much good but might have speeded everything up and certainly helped pass the time in the dark hours of night instead of thrashing around.

Anyway, the weird wonderful world of the change and a move into a whole new way of seeing and doing things, quite an adventure really.

And if you suffer from hot flushes and hate them try cutting out coffee and chocolate, I think you will be pleased at the relief you get.

Update: Just received a link to a nice little article by Christina Laun about increasing energy levels without caffeine. Check it out.

50 Ways to Boost Your Energy Without Caffeine

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  1. Just read an article on yesterday saying coffee and chocolate are actually good for one's health....