Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Public Apology

To all Americans I may have been rude to, or about, or thought badly of, at some, or any point, in my life.

After watching Michael Moore's Sicko I can now understand how stressed out you all must be, all the time. Constantly on the edge of wondering if you, or any loved ones, become sick, how you will manage.

It is a disgrace, and not just through neglect, but with blatant volition. Careers and fortunes built on actively denying basic healthcare.

Shame on your legislators.

1 comment:

  1. I couldn't agree more!

    Seriously. I knew I was watching propaganda and held out, but I cracked completely when I saw that poor fire fighter woman and her face when she found out that the inhalator she'd been paying over a hundred dollars for each and keeping for "when it gets worst" only cost 50 cents in Cuba.

    That's just totally unacceptable. US citizens should be rioting in the streets.

    And to the UK politicians - keep your mitts of the NHS!!!!