Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pertineri Premium Members Club

I'm supposed to be writing a sales pitch type article to promote the new Pertineri Premium Members Club with its unreleased content, video shows and a chance to get up close and personal to Silvia and me, mastermind with us and help us with our research.

Instead I'm sitting here pondering what it all means and how momentous this occasion is.

It was almost thirteen years ago that Silvia and I first met. Not long after that we started creating excuses to phone each other and chat which quickly turned into daily two hour conversations.

The trainings we organised were simply a cover for our ongoing discussions about the human neurology, the conscious and unconscious mind, how energy and emotions work and on to real magic, how to create reality at will.

We spent years ripping apart the fabric of time and space and putting it back together again, any way we pleased. It was (is) immensely enjoyable above all else :)

Fuelled by our pressing problems, financial and emotional, and our personal iniquities, ideas and patterns came flying fast and were hurriedly written on Silvia's wall as we talked, a monument to our progress, our work together. It was exhilarating. Every day a new discovery. Questions started to be answered but only after the right questions were first found!

The day I realised that our lives were our work was a revelation, I remember exactly when that hit me and my life and how I lived it changed that day.

Silvia and I are such different people with wildly different temperaments, problems and drivers which has made our research all the more interesting and valuable.

Silvia's highly creative mind and relentless search for truth combined with my rabid need to know how, why and what's in it for me has led us into the most extreme areas of esotericism but always with a practical end result. We have always wanted to know how to improve our lives and how we are feeling while investigating the underlying structures of reality.

To have found out just what emotions really are and map the human energy system has been extraordinary and has had repercussions for us personally that have far surpassed our dreams.

EmoTrance was just one tiny pattern on the wall we chose to turn into a step by step useable form and present to the public. Just one of thousands of patterns shared freely with our followers on the lists which is now taught and practised worldwide and has brought blessed emotional relief to thousands.

We have done so much, we could just stop here, satisfied that we have achieved more already than most people think, let alone dream of, in a lifetime, but what would be the fun in that?

We are working differently now, we have dropped the lists and want to concentrate working with an elite group of people to share our work and experiences and test new patterns with us. A unique mastermind group to continue the ongoing research.

These are exciting times and even though we have achieved so much already I feel we are just on the edge of finding more extraordinary secrets and patterns and create momentous time space events.

The new technology available will make masterminding with individuals across the planet easier, and fun too. Who would have thought you could sit in the comfort of your front room and beam a live video show around the world a relatively few short years after faxes seemed like magic?

We're keeping the group small so it's more personal and while this piece hasn't turned out exactly as I expected I invite you to become a member of our club if you know our work.

Our problems will never be solved from the places they originated so join us on this adventure to find new places, new solutions and a whole new way of being.

Pertineri Premium Members Club

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